Dandy Cat

A UFO resting on top of a building in Utrecht, Netherlands.

De Inktpot building. Utrecht, Netherlands. June, 2010. 📷🗺

They’ve landed.

The impression of Charlie Chaplin's feet and his signature set in cement.

Los Angeles, CA. January, 2010.

I was taken on a breezy tour of the Jim Henson Company Lot several years ago. Along the way, I spotted a curious impression in the cement. Turns out the location I was standing in used to be the film studio that Charlie Chaplin completed in 1919. Many of his most famous films were shot there.

(I also inadvertently stole Paul F. Tompkins’s parking spot that day, too.) 📷🗺

A large tower in front of a church in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vilnius, Lithuania. January, 2010. 📷🗺

A beach trip for a job turned into an opportunity to get a lovely picture of fun bikes on a sunny day. I love this one because it feels like an embodiment of youthful summers. This made the trip out to Malibu, CA more than worth it. 📷

Bicycles resting on a sunny beach.

Ruby’s been great company for me today, so I wanted to recognize how cute, fun, and delightful she is, even while sleeping. She’s got the stinkiest toots in all the land, but I won’t hold that against her. She’s been a wonderful part of my life for going on eleven years. 🐶

A large dog sleeping on a couch.