Dandy Cat

I’m currently reading a book that makes a reference to the mass malathion sprayings that took place in California (and other places) during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Tons of pesticide was dropped all over California in an effort to combat a Mediterranean fruit fly infestation. I was in elementary school at the time and I recall my school’s playground had to be covered in plastic sheeting to keep the play surfaces safe.

The whole thing is, in itself, a fascinating story that may have had eco-terrorist ties. Furthermore, the spraying didn’t actually stop the flies; sterilized flies were introduced into the area to help control the population.

It was a remarkable thing. It makes me wonder how well something like that would go over today. I recall it just being an accepted fact of life that pesticide would be dropped all over for a short while.

Now, though? I can just imagine the furor and outrage that would spark up over it. Oh, Facebook and the conspiracy theorists would have such a loud field day over it all!

I started reading The Stand a little while ago. Since it’s a Stephen King book, I’m really not looking forward to the part where he writes about anywhere from one to a lot of dogs dying. Dude seems to like killing animals in his stories. 📚