Disney+, Hulu Merged App to Launch Next Month for Bundle Subscribers, Bob Iger Says ↗

A beta version of the Disney+/Hulu app will launch in December for subscribers of the two-service bundle […] ahead of the official launch in spring 2024 (around late March).

I’ve been thinking this would happen for a while. Wouldn’t it be so much easier for Disney to only have to run a single service? Who knows how this one will shake out when it goes live, but it could make for an interesting experience. Maybe I can stop paying for Hulu then?

Then again, the whole Max debacle was a letdown, so maybe this kind of content consolidation is always a bad idea. We’ll see.

Also, does this mean that Disney+ will get all of Hulu’s content, i.e., next-day tv episode premieres, the FX shows, and the decidedly more adult movies and shows? Will it also eventually get its live tv service?

The latter feels doubtful and the former seems necessary (but still kind of weird at this point).