Regal Closes 12 U.S. Cinemas As Parent Cineworld Grapples With Bankruptcy ↗

I’m extremely sad to see the Anaheim Hills 14 location listed among the places that’ll be closing soon. It was one of a small but dearly loved selection of theaters in which I’ve spent a significant amount of my life (and money). My dad used to take me there all the time when I was younger. I eventually started bringing friends there with me, turning them into diehard fans of the location in turn.

I’m not super surprised by this news, though. That place was always stuck in the past, decor- and technology-wise. But I saw that as part of its charm. It still had the carpet, upholstery, and pink-blue neon of old, back when all of the Regal cinemas around here were known as Edwards. Take a look at this blast from the past. Curiously, this location retained its “Edwards Cinemas” sign on the outside of the building.

This particular location had a fun layout. From the edges of its expansive foyer, with a large concession area smack dab in the middle, branched off two hallways. These led to all of the screens, seven on each side. The hallway walls were covered in mirrors extending from waist level to the ceiling. Each hallway ended in a smaller room (tiny foyers?) that was filled with tables and the sort of ill-advised candy machines that go KA-CHUNK-CHUNK when fed quarters. Each of these smaller rooms had an additional screen-spotted hallway that ran along the outside walls of the building. It felt like traversing through a fun and easy maze to get to your movie.

Despite my reluctance to go to a theater these days, I’m still very sad to see this one go. It’s an important piece of my history that will live only in my sweet memories.

Here’s to you, Anaheim Hills 14!