Roger Federer to retire after Laver Cup in September ↗

From BBC Sport:

Roger Federer, one of the greatest players of all time, will retire from top-level tennis after the Laver Cup in London this month.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has not played since Wimbledon 2021, after which he had a third knee operation.

“My body’s message to me lately has been clear,” Swiss Federer, 41, said.

“I have played more than 1,500 matches over 24 years. Now I must recognise when it is time to end my competitive career.”

I’m generally not a fan of sports, but for reasons I can’t figure out, I love watching tennis. I think the blame for this appreciation can rest entirely on the shoulders of one Swiss person: Roger Federer.1

Watching him play in Wimbledon over a decade ago was a defining moment for me. It felt like I was watching someone excel at something in a way that no other person was, and that’s because he was doing exactly that. It’s something special to witness true mastery at play.

But now he’s forty-one years old; it’s no surprise that he’s going to retire. Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t do it sooner, but I’m glad I got to see my fair share of his matches. Along with Serena’s recent retirement, I expect that we’re going to see many of “the greats” stepping away from competition in the next few years. So it goes.

Knowing that there are so many up-and-coming stars to watch takes the sting off this announcement. The next generation of superb tennis athletes is beginning to pick up steam; it’s going to be exciting to watch as they come into their own. There’s something just as moving about that prospect as was watching Federer become one of the best ever.

  1. Rafael Nadal then went and cemented that love for me. ↩︎