In 2021, I watched 236 movies I hadn’t seen before. To my knowledge, it may be the most films I’ve ever watched in a single year. I owe it all to a continuing pandemic and finding the wonderful site, Letterboxd. This movie tracking/reviewing/social service has allowed me to become more engaged than ever with the films that I watch.1 Follow me on there if you’d like.

I’ve watched a lot this year, and there have been certain standouts at both ends of the quality spectrum. Some things have been exceptional, and others have made me wish I lacked eyes and ears. Good or bad, these are the films that stuck with me long after I finished them.2

My favorite films

My least favorite films

  1. A distinction I’ve never been able to give to something like IMDb↩︎

  2. They’re not films that were released only in 2021, but the films that I watched for the first time this last year. Also, they’re in alphabetical order; don’t read anything into the placement of these items. Another also: this list is my subjective opinion, of course. You should like what you like. ↩︎