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Google, Facebook Pressure Falls Short as Antitrust Measures Advance in House Committee

I’ll readily admit that I don’t know as much about this burgeoning antitrust legislation as I should. However, does this “American Choice and Innovation Online Act” mean that I have the choice to keep any new Apple device I get largely the same as I have them now? Doesn’t seem like it.

I believe that giving the ability of smaller businesses to fairly compete with larger ones is generally good. Lower the cut Apple takes on sales. Make it easier, i.e., not impossible, to go to a company’s website where I can subscribe to their service. Remove the fear that some developers have over dealing with these large companies. However, don’t throw the word “choice” around without understanding and acknowledging that it should cut both ways. I don’t want the overall Apple experience I know and love to be destroyed because, for example, Epic wants its own app store on Apple’s devices.

I’ll also readily admit that I may be singing a different tune if I were a software developer working with Apple’s platforms. As a consumer, though, I’ve had no problem with my past Apple experiences and would like the ability to keep that going for myself. That’s my choice.