Dandy Cat

What it’ll take for me to comfortably be able to use my iPad Pro as my main computer:

  • Real external monitor support, as in not just mirroring the iPad screen on the external display. Pillarboxes begone!
  • The ability to route audio to and from more than a single location. I’m imagining an iPad version of Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack here. An iPad version of SoundSource would also be much appreciated.
  • Improvements to multitasking. I’m not sure what those could be, and I’m generally okay with how things are now, but I won’t ever mind things becoming easier to use.
  • Dramatically improved keyboard shortcut support. I’m talking being able to run an action anywhere, anytime.
  • Pro-level apps. I don’t work in Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro all the time, but when I do, I’d be happy to do it on an iPad.
  • I wouldn’t say no to a second Thunderbolt port.

What I probably won’t want to ever do on an iPad (and am okay with):

  • Handbrake1 transcodes. I’m sure the iPad could be capable, but I’d feel better about doing sustained media transcoding on a machine with a fan. I’m not even sure if I’d be able to run an app like that in the background, so an iPad would probably be out anyway.

All of this seems like I’m saying I should just use a Mac. Fair enough. However, I want to use my iPad Pro as my main computer. I think it’s an amazing device, and I really love iPadOS. That’s it. It just needs to close some gaps.🍎

  1. Or Compressor or Media Encoder↩︎