Dandy Cat

@odd Now this is a great list! And there are quite a few on there that I haven't seen yet. Thanks for sharing this! 🤩

@jayeless This is a refreshing take, and I thank you for that. I think you’re spot on about the text of a rating being more important, and ultimately more valuable, than just the number of stars something receives. Makes me wish there was always more of a focus on the context of a rating. I’d be interested in seeing a place that features only text reviews, and eschews any sort of numerical rating.

@scojjac I’d say that’s probably a better, or at least more enjoyable way, to watch something. I mean, people should watch things how they’d like, but in the end, it’s all just supposed to be entertainment.

@pimoore Ah ha! Finally a way I can have a beard grace my unable-to-grow-a-real-beard face.

// @odd

@pimoore I guess the only reasonable solution is shaving it all off and then fashioning the trimmings into a sort of beard toupée. Pop it off when you need to wear a mask and then rock it again when you don’t.