Dandy Cat

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely day.

I wouldn’t wish for you the frigid and snowy weather that the eastern part of my country is dealing with, but I’m also not wishing for the mid-80° weather we have in Southern California. Winter wonderland, my butt.

According to many news sources, Hurricane Kay was a real deal weather event. Even in my area of the state, we were told to prepare for flooding and extreme winds.

While it was a considerable problem south of here, particularly in the Baja Peninsula, the forecasted inches of rain turned out to be little more than a warm sprinkle.

I’m grateful that it wasn’t so bad where I live, but after the godawful heat wave we had I would have appreciated more than a misting of water.

There’s currently an active Flex Alert in California, meaning that all are encouraged to reduce their energy use from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. They recommend setting your thermostat to 78º F,1 saying, “Increasing your air conditioner 7 to 10 degrees 8 hours a day can save up to 10 percent on cooling costs.”

My question is, Who the hell has their thermostat set between 68º–71º all day? Do people like to live in igloos? How are they able to afford to keep their air conditioners on 24/7, as they must surely do to achieve those frosty temps? Do they just like the idea of needing to wear a sweater when it’s over 100º outside?

I’ve continued to have my thermostat stuck at 78º and frequently kick it up to 80º when I can, and I live in an especially hot area of Southern California. It doesn’t go below that. I guess these air conditioner hogs are the reason why there’s a Flex Alert going in the first place!

  1. About 26º C. ↩︎

First power outage of the summer season and it’s not even the hottest day of the last few months. Surely, things aren’t being overloaded.

How does that make any sense?

Setting off a bunch of fireworks in a neighborhood that borders a national park in the middle of an ongoing Southern California drought seems… Let’s say irresponsible at best.

The people in my area are doing nothing to decrease the anxiety I feel on this holiday.

It’s clear now that this week is the start of my “I just have to be okay with sweating through my clothes and feeling gross all day” time of the year.

Bring it on, Sun. Bring it on…

In this entry of Why the Hell Is the Weather So Crazy and Torturous, it’s 77° F1 in the middle of January.

I’d like to get off this crazy weather train now, please.

  1. Or 25° C for all of you other people in the world. ↩︎

All I don’t want for Christmas is finding rain water leaking into the house through a window frame and under the eaves of the roof.

I’d like to send this terrible present straight back to the North Pole, thank you very much!

A cozy, rainy day is nearly impossible to beat (and it’s especially welcome after the hot year we had)!

An image of a wet backyard, complete with green grass, a brick walkway, and a large gazebo. Rain fall from above.

It’s finally gotten to showering-with-warm-water time in my area. I couldn’t be more excited (and more frustrated since we’re more than halfway through November now).

Next up, hopefully: wearing a cozy sweater for most of the day.

There’s supposed to be a lot of rain in my area today, and I couldn’t be more excited. It feels foolish to wish for consistent weather these days, but I’m still going to hope this means we’re officially out of summer now.

Pattering rain one hour and bright sunshine the next. Southern California is being weird today.

It’s taking all of my effort not to complain about how hot it’s going to be today and this week.

Aaaaand… I’ve already failed at that.1

  1. But seriously, it’s going to be so damn hot! And in mid-June! I miss the relative weather niceness that I grew up with in the ‘90s. ↩︎