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There’s a fabulous new episode of the More Movies Please! podcast this week. We’re continuing our month of animated movies by talking about one of the best movies of the last decade: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Listen today!🎙

Starting today, More Movies Please! is kicking off a whole month of animated films. This week, Steven and I watched a charming film about a lonely robot who falls in love with a futuristic bot from the stars. Make sure to listen to our episode about WALL•E today!🎙🎥

On More Movies Please! this week, Steven and I talked about a film that’s remarkable, beautiful, elegiac, tragic, and important. Be sure to listen today as we discuss Terrence Malick’s film about conscientious objection, A Hidden Life. 🎙🎥

For this month’s B-movie bonus episode of More Movies Please!, Steven and I watched and talked about the satirical Paul Verhoeven film that’s dressed up as a gruesome sci-fi war tale, Starship Troopers. It’s a bloody good time. 🎙🎥

On the More Movies Please! podcast this week, Steven and I share a fun and adoring conversation about one of the best films we’ve seen all year. We watched The Peanut Butter Falcon, starring Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson, and Zack Gottsagen. Give it a listen today! 🎙

On the More Movies Please! podcast, Steven and I watched (what I think is) one of the funniest films of the last decade. What We Do in the Shadows is a bloody good time. You should give the movie a watch and give this episode a listen right away! 🎙

This week on More Movies Please!, Steven and I watched and talked about the Luc Besson film, Leon: The Professional. It’s a problematic film in some ways, but it’s also thrilling. The performances are some of the best you can see in an action movie.

Give it a listen today! 🎙🎥

In the latest B-movie bonus episode of More Movies Please!, we had a couple of very lovely guests on the show. It’s always great to have Johnny and Greg on.

This month, we watched and chatted about A Low Down Dirty Shame. It was… quite the experience.

I’ve been a fan of the podcast, Reply All, for a long time, having started listening to the show since nearly their first episode. The quality has always been excellent and many of their stories have stuck with me since listening to them.

But that appreciation was shaken a couple of years ago when Gimlet, the company that produces Reply All, responded to its staff’s unionization efforts by, essentially, giving them the middle finger. At the time, I didn’t stop listening to the show because I felt that the union would eventually be recognized. This feels like a mistake now, especially since they’re still fighting for recognition. I could and should have supported the Gimlet Union in ways other than continuing to subscribe to a Gimlet show. My presence in their podcast analytics would suggest that Gimlet’s actions are acceptable.

Then this episode popped up into my podcast feed this morning:

Given Gimlet’s actions, it wasn’t a surprise. Is it much of an apology? Eh, kind of. I appreciate that they’re taking time to evaluate themselves, but it also sounds like hosts/producers P.J. Vogt and Sruthi Pinnamaneni are just being allowed to lie low until the heat of this story wears off.

I wanted to investigate this further, so I followed the story, being led to a Twitter thread by former Gimlet employee, Eric Eddings. I encourage you to click through and read it all.

This is a moving and frustrating story by someone who was ignored, passed over, and insulted by Gimlet and some members of its staff. It’s sad to know that Eric wasn’t the only one who had to deal with this institutional bullshit at Gimlet.

I’ve since unsubscribed to Reply All. It’s the most meager action I can take, but it is something. If playing a part in hitting them where it hurts—their subscriber numbers—is what I can do, then I’ll happily do it. There’s also this post, which I hope will encourage others to look into the wild power imbalance at Gimlet, understand how their people of color and pro-union employees are treated, and hold Gimlet and its founders, Alex Blumberg and Matthew Lieber, accountable for their abhorrent actions. Throw in Gimlet’s parent company, Spotify, as well. They certainly don’t appear to be doing anything to help the Gimlet Union. I also encourage you to follow the Gimlet Union on Twitter. They’re doing good work.

I enjoyed Reply All, but I can’t continue to support it when its success was built off the backs of the unrecognized and spurned. What I will continue doing is try to learn more about that of which I’m ignorant, such as I was about the toxic culture at Gimlet. And I’ll always appreciate help with that endeavor from people who know more than I do.

This week, Steven and I watched Killing Them Softly, a pretty great Brad Pitt film that kind of flew under the radar when it was released. Enjoy the latest episode of More Movies Please! right here!

On More Movies Please!, we followed up last week’s episode of Blade Runner with its sequel Blade Runner 2049. I love them both equally. I’m especially impressed with how 2049 was able to advance the story and stay so true to the original. It’s truly exceptional.

While I’m on a sharing podcasts kick, here’s the latest episode of my much longer running show. It’s called More Movies Please! This week, we watched and talked about The Hunt for Red October. It’s a great episode for an excellent movie.

I’m doing a bit of catching up and getting some parity between here and my previous website. This means plugging the podcast I ran until late last year. It’s currently on hiatus while I figure out what I want to do with it. In the meantime, enjoy!

I watched Top Hat with my fiancée on Sunday for my More Movies Please! podcast. Talk about a fun, delightful, and hilarious movie. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are always on another level. 🎥🍿

I watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street again for my More Movies Please! podcast. I have a newfound appreciation for that outstanding, violent, emotional film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🎥🍿

I watched The Pirate with my fiancée this last weekend for my podcast. What a fun and silly movie. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland were delights, as always. 🎥🍿

I recently watched Mars Attacks! for my podcast and now I have It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones stuck in my head. I don’t know whether to be upset about this or start dancing.

I watched The Right Stuff for my More Movies Please! podcast. Boy, is it a long one, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s an exhaustive depiction of Project Mercury and the astronauts who were involved (as well as Chuck Yeager). I recommend it. 🎥🍿

I watched Predestination again for my More Movies Please! podcast. If there’s a more peculiar yet very watchable sci-fi story out there, I can’t think of it right now. Give it a watch. I think it’s worth a viewing. 🎥🍿

I watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou again last week for More Movies Please! I don’t recall how many times I’ve seen it, but it’s always excellent and fun. It’s an unusual Wes Anderson film, but it’s still worth watching. 🎥🍿

I watched both Elizabethtown and Zodiac for an episode of my More Movies Please! podcast. One continues to be a brilliant film about a serial killer and the other continues to be too long.

I’ll probably never listen to The Joe Rogan Experience, but it’s still a shame to see it become a Spotify exclusive. I feel a show is only a podcast when its audio files are freely accessible to all players through an RSS feed. The Joe Rogan Experience is not a podcast anymore.

I watched both Heat and About Time over the last couple days for my More Movies Please! podcast. They’re both wonderful movies with wildly different stories and tones. I recommend them wholeheartedly. 🎥🍿

I watched Demolition Man for the first time since I was a (probably too) young kid. This was for an upcoming episode of the podcast. It’s an incredibly campy movie, but dang was it a fun ride. It looked like it was an absolute blast to film. 🎥🍿

I watched Her again for the podcast earlier this week. It’s such a prophetic, sad, resplendent film. The story is wonderful and the cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema (my absolute favorite DP) is perfect. 🎥🍿