My Vasectomy (and Why It Continues to Be the Right Choice)


    In November 2019, I got a vasectomy because my wife and I didn’t want to have children.

    More than ever now, we’re certain that this was the right choice.

    We both don’t want her to ever deal with any government or man who erroneously thinks they have a say in what she does with her body.

    This was the responsible thing for us to do then, and it sure as hell is now. It can be for you, too. If you have a penis, then you can do something to help carry the weight of reproductive health issues. For yourself and for any partner you may have now or in the future, this is a safe and effective way to step up.


    By the time the day came, the entire procedure was done in about an hour. I took a pill to help me with some of the anxiety I was feeling. In the room, I undressed, put on a gown, and got comfortable on the padded table. They sterilized the area and got to it.

    The first numbing injection they gave me at the site of the operation was the only major discomfort. After that, I could hardly feel a thing. Smelling my vas deferens being cauterized wasn’t pleasant, but whatever. That was never going to be a great thing. They snipped, clipped, and sealed those tubes shut. They did both sides and stitched me up.

    The doctor was efficient, completely capable, and happy to talk through the whole procedure with me.

    I felt discomfort in the area for a few days after, but it was nowhere near what any tv show, movie, or uninformed gossip might lead you to believe. I took a couple of Tylenol about three or four times a day for the next few days and was fine. In fact, it was great to have an excuse to do nothing for a weekend but watch fun movies.

    A few months later, a lab told me there was no more sperm in a semen sample I gave them, and that was that. A couple of years later and I can’t even tell where the scrotal incision was made.

    This was all 100% covered by my insurance. All I paid for was the athletic supporter I had to wear for a couple of weeks.

    Planned Parenthood has a great and more thorough explanation of what a vasectomy is and what you can expect from the procedure.


    Considering the very invasive surgery needed to sterilize someone with a uterus, this was a relatively insignificant process, both in the procedure and the effect on my body.

    The benefits have been enormous. Removing the ever-present background concern of failing contraception was enough to make it worth getting a vasectomy. It has not negatively impacted my body or my marriage in any way. There has only been positivity surrounding this choice.

    If you’re ready and able to support a child for their entire life, then this probably isn’t for you right now. If you’re done having children or if you don’t want to raise a child for any reason, then a vasectomy is a simple procedure that I highly encourage. If you’ve already gotten one, hello sterile friend! 👋

    Remember: This is about stepping up, being supportive, and taking responsibility for your part in the reproductive process. And now it’s especially important.