Dandy Cat

Ruby’s been great company for me today, so I wanted to recognize how cute, fun, and delightful she is, even while sleeping. She’s got the stinkiest toots in all the land, but I won’t hold that against her. She’s been a wonderful part of my life for going on eleven years. 🐶

A large dog sleeping on a couch.

I took my dog to the vet today for a much-needed allergy shot and it turns out she’s about seven pounds lighter than the last time I was there to see her get weighed. She’s still healthy, and is in fact kicking my butt in the weight loss department. 🐶

To wrap up the little dog story, there appeared to be nothing stuck in her nose, but it was red and inflamed inside. I’m hoping she sneezed out what was irritating her and she’s just dealing with some bad irritation.

Fingers crossed that she’ll be feeling better soon. 🤞

And now my larger dog is having painful hip issues, which has been an years-long, degenerative problem. I love these furry goofs, but they’re doling out a lot of stress today.

After two hours of waiting at the vet’s office and not really being listened to, I’ve got to take my dog back tomorrow. For the same procedure she needed in the first place.

They thought it was allergies. I know my dog well enough to know it’s something stuck up her nose.

My small dog has, apparently, gotten something stuck up her nose. She’s sneezing and snurfing all over the place. There’s a vet appointment scheduled for this afternoon, but in the meantime, she’s a sad little pup. 🐶

A small white dog sleeping on the back frame of a comfy couch.

My family’s cavalier and careless attitude toward safety and sheltering during this pandemic feels crushing today. “Businesses before life,” essentially. Looking at pictures of my lovely dog is helping get me through this funk. 🐶

A large dog lying on a fake fur rug in front of a crackling fire.

“Nope, no going outside yet. Sigh…”