Dandy Cat

I recently purchased a product from Schiit (a previous generation Magni device). It shipped without stick-on rubber feet. After writing them an email, they’re going to be sending me some for free. The postage probably costs more than the feet. Talk about great customer support.

NBC’s streaming platform, Peacock, will be available on Wednesday and, unless I’m not looking in the right places, I’ve heard crickets about it. I hope it’ll do well. I’m a huge fan of Psych and would very much like the new movie to be a hit.

I watched Top Hat with my fiancée on Sunday for my More Movies Please! podcast. Talk about a fun, delightful, and hilarious movie. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are always on another level. 🎥🍿

I spent a good portion of the weekend setting up my new Synology and moving over the many movies and shows I’d already ripped, with more to come. Everything is going into Plex, which is working like a dream. I’m having a lot of fun curating this new digital library of stuff.

I’d really love to upgrade my microphone interface to something sturdier and less software dependent than the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. My dream interface is the Sound Devices USBPre 2, but damn is it expensive! What gives with that price?

I watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street again for my More Movies Please! podcast. I have a newfound appreciation for that outstanding, violent, emotional film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🎥🍿

Yesterday, I made the decision to remove the analytics service I’d been using on my website. It wasn’t adding any substantial benefit to my work and I’m not driven by ad clicks, so I figured, why keep it around? My interest is in engaging with people, not counting page visits.

I never really watched Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but news of its cancellation still feels bad. Who knows now if it could have ever developed into something truly noteworthy. Netflix is resembling FOX these days: completely blind to the real value in its best shows.

In my ongoing saga of trying to get a decent and easy to use Plex server going on in my house, I’ve now just decided to get a Synology. This looks like it’ll be a much easier solution and I’m looking forward to setting it all up soon.

My now former eero setup died on me earlier today so $250 had to be plunked down for a new trio of routers. It’s nice to have reliable internet again. I’m hoping this set will last just as long as the previous one did.

It’s clear that whoever’s adding foods to calorie tracking apps has no idea what numbers actually mean. The box of the meal I just scanned says it has 360 calories. The app reports 320. This happens all the time. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!

It seems that it takes trying to record a podcast or audio of any kind to learn that you apparently live under a major flight path and on the route with the noisiest garbage trucks. I really thought my neighborhood was more peaceful than this.

And all of a sudden, YouTube TV is no longer the most appealing live television streaming option out there for me. Time to seriously consider dropping the live stuff for, well, anything else.

I watched The Pirate with my fiancée this last weekend for my podcast. What a fun and silly movie. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland were delights, as always. 🎥🍿

I recently watched Mars Attacks! for my podcast and now I have It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones stuck in my head. I don’t know whether to be upset about this or start dancing.

I just downloaded the new update for @gluon and I’m really enjoying the new and refined things I’m seeing here. @vincent, this is another great update! Also, I’m such a big fan of your release notes. They’re very well-written and a lot of fun to read.

The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act.

It’s sure going to be embarrassing for those senators when all their personal data is immediately hacked and spread because of their own complete misunderstanding of how encryption works. I hope and expect that this will go nowhere.

If you’re thinking about using a Raspberry Pi as a Plex server but have about as much knowledge of Linux-type systems as I do, i.e. not much at all, then don’t do it and save yourself the terrible headache. Get a Mac mini instead and thank yourself for it.

This new spatial audio thing that Apple is debuting has gotten me feeling very interested in and excited about the possibly upcoming AirPods Studio. Over-ear headphones with that sort of audio immersion would have jaw-dropping sound.

Now that I’ve started to come down off my WWDC keynote high, I’m considering things a bit more objectively. Mostly, I’m feeling a little disappointed that there didn’t seem to be any mention of the Shortcuts app for macOS.

All my macOS love aside, what may prove to be the biggest quality of life improvement over the long term are the minimized Siri and phone call designs. It’s a relatively small change, but I think they’re going to be huge improvements for many people.

I’ve been using my iPad Pro obsessively for work and pleasure for a few years now. It really clicks with how I work. Still though, I’ve never been more excited for a new macOS update. Probably because of their converging appearance. I can’t wait for Fall now.

It’s fascinating to watch older Mac users/developers grumble about the appearance of macOS Big Sur while also watching younger users really see the beauty and potential of these changes. Me? I‘m not going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. I’m all in.

Right now is feeling like the night before Christmas when I was a young kid. I’m really looking forward to the start of WWDC tomorrow!

I need to get into the habit of drafting thank you cards elsewhere before writing on the card itself. It always feels like such a rookie mistake when I don’t do that.